Why do you have a blog?

I want to express my opinion, feelings and thoughts on topics thatinterest me. I've once started with a fashion experiment (check it here) and I've now successfully lasted one year without fast fashion. This experiment massively influenced my career and I'm now active in the sustainable fashion scene. This blogs helps me to show how easy a more sustainable lifestyle can be and how much fun old clothes can bring.

Coffe or tea?

Caffeine makes me hyper, although I sometimes should take a shot. So I prefer green and black tea in the morning, until around 4 pm. After four, I switch to Rooibos and Camomile. And once in a while I add a zip of almond milk to make it all fancy.

What is sustainability to you?

Preserving the resources we have on this planet for future generations. My generation has it all and treats each other as if there was nothing existing. Consciousness should be integrated in all your daily activities to strive for a better and longer lasting world.


What does öko mean?

öko is a German word and means 'eco'. Check one of my first blog posts here. In German the word has bit of a negative connotation. Saying that a person is öko can be offensive or in my case: pure sarcasm. Usually unshaved mid-60's with felt clothing are called öko for their intense identification and love to nature. I'm on the other end. I appreciate nature as well, but I'm far away from felt and dreadlocks.  

How can I reach out to you?

Instamessage: @kimgoesoeko

E-Mail: kimgoesoko@mail.de

Real Life: I love having coffee dates with passionate people. Are you one of them?

What is sustainable fashion?

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